Thursday, 17 December 2009

Taking Google Custom Search Engines Further

This presentation from the 2009 Google I/O conference goes into far more detail about how to craft a really customised search engine, and may for some readers be easier to digest than the Google CSE documentation. It's still pretty involved though...

With news out that support for the JISC Intute service is to come to an end - "Our current service level will be maintained until 1 August 2010. After this date, Intute will still be available but with minimal maintenance." (JISC announces Intute funding cut) - now might be a good time for the community to start thinking about how to maintain a community sourced, distributed resource hub. Note that the maintaining community could be made up of "university representatives", rather than being an open one. And potentially, a custom search engine might provide a suitable platform?

To this end, I'd appreciate any comments/feedback on the UK HEI Library website Custom Search engine (Open Library Training Materials and Custom Search Engines and Custom Search Engines On Library Websites). Could you see something like this being used on your Library website, and more importantly, meeting some sort of user need there? If not, why not?

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