Tuesday, 25 October 2011


LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe), based at Stanford University Libraries, is an international community initiative that provides libraries with digital preservation tools and support so that they can easily and inexpensively collect and preserve their own copies of authorized e-content. LOCKSS, in its twelfth year, provides libraries with the open-source software and support to preserve today’s web-published materials for tomorrow’s readers while building their own collections and acquiring a copy of the assets they pay for, instead of simply leasing them. LOCKSS provides fully managed preservation and 100% post cancellation access.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ten questions for wannabee "digital scholars"

From Martin Weller's Blog:

Do you have an open access publishing policy for the outputs of the project?
Will you make the data openly available, or is some of it not appropriate to do so? If so, where will you put it?
Will there be one main individual in charge of social media communication or is it just distributed across the group?
Will you have specific twitter/blog/youtube accounts for the project or do individuals in the project have a high online reputation it would be better to utilise?
How will you incorporate analytics into the project? Do you expect to get a certain number of views, dwell time, global distribution, etc on a main site?
What media will you use? For example, will you create a 'trailer' video for the project and an overview of the findings?
How will you archive discussion around the research, eg twitter hashtag conversations?
Will you provide a curation service, eg a Scoop-It page of relevant resources as you go along?
Are there new methodologies you will employ, eg crowdsourcing?
Is there a planned release for findings throughout the project? Will any aspects be not open for dissemination eg via twitter or blogs?