Friday, 16 October 2009

Trondheim conference -- emtacl10: April 2010

Academic libraries face specific challenges -- emerging technologies present new opportunities

Academic libraries face specific challenges because of evolving user behaviour. New technologies provide the answers. Addressing the issues faced by academic libraries in a changing world, emtacl10 provides an opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals, and discuss the issues that are specifically relevant to us. emtacl10 — the international conference for cutting-edge technological developments in libraries within higher-education. The future success of academic libraries is dependent on in-depth understandings of the relevance of emerging technologies. Our focus must be on accessibility, interaction, intuitivity, sharing, user-driven content and other web 2.0 challenges. This is a conference for academic library workers and others with a general interest in emerging technologies and electronic information services.

Details here.

Some of the stuff we've done so far might be relevant.

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