Tuesday, 27 October 2009

IT Skills or Information Skills?

The closing question to the panel from my session at ILI2009 a couple of weeks ago related to what skills we thought would be most desirable in the librarian of the future. My response was something along the lines of 'be able to write a good query', the thinking being that if a researcher or undergraduate goes to a subject librarian asking for help, it might be useful if they went away with a good query they could run repeatedly as a saved (persistent, alert raising) search, rather than just leaving with one or two particular references.

So this got me thinking: what are the differences between information skills and information technology skills?

As far as I know, public commenting still doesn't work on this blog, so what skills are you going to have to invoke to be able comment on this post, and what skills am I going to have to use to find those comments...?

[I think public comments are now working???]

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