Monday, 27 April 2009

ArXiv on iPhone

Yvonne pointed me to this.

The arXiv preprint server gives you access to over a half million articles on physics, mathematics, computer science, and more. ArXiview is your portal on the iPhone to this wealth of information.

* Browsing arXiv categories by date. Keep up to date not just on the latest days posting, but postings from the last week or any date you wish. The first iPhone arxiv browser to offer full date browsing.
* Search the arXiv by author, title, full text, with and without restrictions to specific categories of the arXiv.
* Save preprints to your iPhone for later, offline browsing. Organize your offline readings in self-named folders.
* Email yourself or others preprint information for later reference.
* Read PDFs in both landscape and portrait mode.
* Arrange arXiv categories and subcategories in an order of your preference, for quick access.

I've downloaded it (at a cost of 59p!) and installed on my iPod Touch. Will report on what it's like to use when I have a chance.

The content area is fascinating but pretty specialised. But it's made me think that a really nice Arcadia project would be to develop a more general iPhone App that would do something useful for the Science Portal. Or perhaps there's a neat App for medical information?

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