Friday, 5 February 2010

Cambridge Libraries Widget Launched

Today sees the official launch of the Cambridge Libraries Widget:

Developed in partnership between the UL and CARET, the widget is a unified interface for Cambridge library users, drawing together search facilities, library profiles, loans and requests in one easy-to-manage application. It's live in CamTools (Cambridge's VLE), Facebook and iGoogle.

The Widget is very much a product of the Arcadia Programme. It draws on the ideas of centering services around the user and providing relevance in resources and functionality which have proved such strong themes. At it's heart is a cross-institutional collaboration - a very Arcadia idea!

You'll need to be registered with a Cambridge Library to try it out at the moment ... but we're planning to write up what we did and how we did it at some stage so others can benefit too.

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HMTruscott said...

Congratulations Huw!